Marketing Campaigns

Being a Marketing Graphic Designer in Maxima Eesti in Tallinn headquarter office, one of the biggest retail chain companies in Baltic countries, I was creating marketing campaigns for our customers. Here are some of them and my the most loved ones.

Kids Campaign «Minu Eesti Seiklus»

«Minu Eesti Seiklus» is a marketing campaign for children. Buying some specific products customers receive two stickers which children can stick to a book. The book and workbook are sold for extra price and have an educative function. Story about two main characters travelling around Estonia, discovering culture, history and unusual facts about the country.

Campaign is visually advertised using main style of the book and is expected to attract attention of kids.

Marketing materials are: boards and shelves for books and products participating in campaign, leaflets including information and rules about campaign, sticker cover, shelf wobbler, web and social media ads, e-mail and landing pages.

Sticker Cover and Leaflet
Web & Social Media

Spring Beauty Campaign «ILU MÕTE»

ILU MÕTE is Spring Beauty campaign for all family.

Campaign was created to pay attention to beauty products both new and best seller ones. The face of this campaign became well known in Estonia young musician Daniel Levi and his wife. As an example of modern family they attract attention of young people to reasonable shopping and increase reputation of sold products.

Spring sunny colours chosen for the campaign stand out well against a snowy and gray background of the streets.

Autumn Beauty Campaign «ILU MÕTE»

The face of this campaign became Estonian singer Grete Klein, paying attention to new beauty trends and products which help her keep natural beauty after numbers of photo shootings and concerts.

Outdoor banners, interior visual communication, social media, web, e-mail, landing,  mobile, print magazines

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