Marketing Materials

Promotional banners for Natura Siberica

Promotional table banner «Glass» by Natura Siberica.

Wilda Siberica posters.

Light box Oblepikha by Natura Siberica.

3D Display mock up for Recipes of Babushka Agafia

Product catalogs, flyers, magazines, business cards, brochures

Product catalog for the pharmaceutical company

16 pages A4

Christmas magazines (layout, product photography)

Special Christmas edition for simple product catalog. Offering customers higher quality and rich assortment of goods popular during Christmas time.

A4, 24 pages

Every product was photographed in Christmas decor which made it look more attractive to customers.

A4, 24 pages


Campaign created to pay attention to cleaning goods most used at that time during Spring Cleaning. Simple illustrative and informative design easy understandable for everybody.