Quarantine Art Work

During life, the majority of people chase after fake values. Stay in touch with the people who add value, be in a relationships that benefit YOU. Girls typically code money and power. Guys, beauty and rarely with their minds.

But just imagine if this quarantine will be not for two weeks, but much longer, for years and years. Imagine you can’t buy anything and can’t spend money on anything except food and medicine. Imagine there will be no need to dress up anymore, cause everything will be closed, not possible to travel or just leave your house and people who you live with. I believe then people’s values would change, people would look for humanity in humans. Look for someone you feel just so comfortable and confident, the one you love so much that you are ready to bear 24/7. You can’t hide from your life now. Now you are getting all that you built around you. 

Maybe soon kindness will be in fashion again. Maybe after all this we will feel ourselves more humane. Maybe we will respect doctors and scientists more. I believe not having decaffeinated coffee with oat low-fat coconut milk wouldn’t be a problem anymore. The only thing most of us wish now is just meet and hug our grandparents, our kids, go outside for a walk, for a run with a friends, just enjoy sitting on the bench in the sun. No more motivational problems to go to the gym, right? Start earning three times less, we start loving our hateful jobs three time more. Happiness is so easy now: sea, beach, park, museum, dog, friend, family.

Stay safe, stay home.